Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Have you ever tried google "Easter" on web? You'll find lots of eggs, bunnies or little chickens, but the real reason why whole world celebrates Easter is hard to google.
In the Bible you can find story about Moses leading Israelis from slavery in Egypt into Promised land - Israel. You can read more in book Exodus in the Bible.  There's also story of a lamb and Jesus is sometimes called Lamb of God. Israelis celebrated Passover every year to remember this event. About 2000 years ago, during the Passover Jesus came to celebrate Passover in Jerusalem. He was betrayed and died on the cross for my and your sins. After 3 days Jesus conqered the grave, He is alive and He want to have relationship with us. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Opiná and Rankovce

This past weekend me and Katka had opportunity to serve in 2 youth groups - Opiná and Rankovce. You don't know where is it? Well it's hard to descire so rather google it :)
 Despite the terible snowy roads on Friday we managed to get there and i was surprised how many youth came in such a weather. After games and worship we talked about endurance in faith based on Bible verse 2.Tim 4,7. I saw many excited young people, who lived their lives with Jesus, but after some time they got burn out and left this way. So we talked about our obstacles and how to overcome them.

On Saturday Katka used jurnalistic approach when talking about castigation at Rankovce youth group. Who? Where? How? Why?.... we followed answers to these question in Bible. The main verse you can find in Mathew 18, 15-17. When we warn someone it must be with love.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

EXIT Tour Bardejov and Poprad

Hello friends, 
i am sorry i didn't write for longer time. In fall 2012 we experienced great tour in two slovak cities Bardejov and Poprad. We met well known lectors from past tours so its been really like a family meeting. Although we had new team members. The UK band called Faith Child. 
They do high quality music, they got heart for such a ministry and they were opened to share their lives with students from 4 high schools in Bardejov and 3 in Poprad. We are glad that even teachers were amazed and local youth groups were encouraged and inspired to tell gospel in their environment. You can see some pictures from tour here: and much more information, some even in English are at facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/exittoursk. Next tour is getting started in spring 2013 so stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

EXIT Tour Banska Bystrica

 I am glad we survived. Without problems. My highlight was meeting with one principal. During the day he went to see all seminars and he liked it. He went to Mr. Graumann seminar about holocaust and took Bible. I could see tears in his eyes when he came to say good bye. We agreed we will see each other soon. Its really a joy to cooperate with school, which values hard work and love for students.
220 people visited friday concert, local Fusion band warm up audience before Divine Attraction. Guys from the band and Rasto from local youth group shared their stories and talked about 4 symbols:
Heart (God created us and love us),
"X" (Sin separate us from Him, everybody sins),
Cross (Jesus died so we can live), 
"?" (What you gonna do about it?)
And the question is what local christians gonna do with crowd of youth in Banska Bystrica that started to think about purpose of life and said "I wanna know more about Jesus."

Friday, April 13, 2012

EXIT Tour training

Dear friends,
yesterday i visited Chvaly BB (Worship BB) which local christian from diferent denominations has once a month for couple years. It was good spiritual preparation for EXIT Tour training in Banska Bystrica tonight. We expecting about 40 youth members. We will teach how to share gospel, how Jesus or Paul did it and we wanna get ready for EXIT Tour which will start in week at 3 high schools in this city. To reach 1500 students we need to be ready and prepared. Please pray with us for teenagers in Banska Bystrica!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

KPM 2012 (Conference for Youth Leaders)

Hop on! That was main motto of 19. Conference for youth leaders. Join what God is doing. It was fantastic 4 days full of Christ. 746 attenders could experience 6 main seasons, 4 tracks, 20 seminars, chapel, worship, skits, activities... it was hard, but very beautiful. I already heared couple youth leadres saying that they gonna do some changes in their lives and ministry. Again they got new passion for Christ alone. Glory!
I am adding video that our friends created just for KPM 2012 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Up8DWFdHwzI

Weekend and Club xp

As i promised i am bringing few photos from weekend with teenagers. 10 boys came, so it had special feeling. We were facing couple obsticles, but it was good sign that we are fighting for gospel.
We played soccer with locals, climb the castle and even helped with reconstruction. At night game we could prove that we are men, not boys :) Of course, we had possibility to look at Zacchaeus and change that happened after he met Jesus.
We continued today. First Club xp visited 11 people. It is a good begining. I hope we will not just have fun, but also discover His purpose for our lives.